Claims Guide


Claims are 'notes' or 'direct messages' to staff to recieve rewards and items, MYO approval, redesign approval, and other miscellanous content.

There are multiple types of claims however, and submitting your claim to the wrong queue can not only make you have to wait longer, but also in some circumstances, it may need to be completely resubmitted. This guide will go through all the types and their uses, and how to submit!



Basic claim types are used to claim the following:

  • Items and currency claims
  • Characters and MYOs that have not yet been uploaded
  • Levels and stats
  • Crafting

Basic claims look like the following.

To use this claim type:

Link your proof of ownership of items, currency, character ownership etc in the URL section. Links accepted include imgur, stash, discord attachments and deviantart links.

Please include Comments to further detail your request.

For example, if I want to claim my 2 missing honey trait potions, I would list the following:
  • Item box link (deviantart) or proof of recieving in the URL section
  • Comment such as:  "I am claiming my missing rewards from (item box or event)"
  • Rewards should be left blank along with character

if you want to claim rewards from off-site events and prompts or your situation is not covered by this small guide, please contact a mod in our discord server



When you adquire an MYO item, such as the MYO Egg, you do not receive a MYO slot immediately. Instead, you must submit a claim to receive one.

You must follow this layout for a MYO claim:

You may turn in multiple MYO items at once, but some delay at adding them can happen. The claim will be approved once all MYO items have been turned into proper MYO slots, and the items will be removed from your inventory.