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Koegama IS officially open!


After half a month of beta testing, with our beta testers participating in a private MYO event and prompt, Koegama is now ready to be opened to the public! With this, we'll be opening a public MYO event and prompt for everyone to participate!

Beta testers will receive badges to show their participation in the beta as soon as the artwork is finished, so please be patient with us, and thank you so much for sticking around and helping us to improve the site!



With the site opening, we're officially starting the free MYO event for the public! This event will allow you to make one Hanasei character for free, along with a prompt exclusive to this event, which will give you Mutation Trinkets after completion!


Useful links

Before checking the MYO event and prompt, we recommend reading these links, which give information on Hanasei:

Species Overview - All information you need to know about the base anatomy.

Species Traits - All basic traits avaliable for free when creating a Hanasei! 

Species Mutations - If you participate in the prompt, you'll get a Mutation Trinket I. This page shows more info on the mutations you'll be allowed to use when using your Trinket!

Design Guide - How to design a Hanasei, and how to submit it.

Discord link - Join our discord!

How to participate

You'll need a Koegama account to participate in this event! Register with your email (avoid Yahoo, as it often eats up registration emails from Lorekeeper. If you can only use Yahoo, join the discord and ask the mods to verify you!), and link your account to a DeviantArt account (you do not need to actually use the dA account to participate, it can be left alone after you use it to verify) to have free access to all features.

  1. Head out to the Freebies shop, and grab the egg.
  2. Submit a claim to turn your MYO egg into a MYO slot (more info here). You'll receive a MYO slot after the claim is approved by a staff member. You should submit this claim as soon as you receive the egg.
  3. Once you finished your design, submit it for approval on your MYO slot's page (more info on the Design Guide linked above).


  • This MYO event will last until August 10th, 23:59:59 UTC. Afterwards, every MYO egg and slot unused will be deleted from the MYO database.
  • The MYO egg and slot are account bound. The finished Hanasei design for the event can only be gifted, never traded or sold.
  • Beta testers who already got a Hanasei from the Beta Tester MYO event cannot participate on this event.


Gift ART event prompt

Along with the MYO event, the Gift Art Event Prompt is also open! Check out the prompt page for more info on it! It has all the rules and guidelines for it.

You do not need to have a Hanasei to participate either, so you can complete it and grab Mutation Trinkets before making your MYO!


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