Design Guide


How to Design Your Hanasei

Before reading this guide, make sure to read the ? Species pages, which give information on the species Anatomy, ? Traits and ? Mutations. This guide assumes you have read them all, and won't go over explaining them again!

You are free to use ? these approved bases when designing and submitting your Hanasei!
Be sure to apply proper credits when submitting the design, however.

1. Designing A Hanasei

If you have a MYO slot, you're able to design a completely brand new Hanasei! This guide will show you the rules and what is and isn't allowed when designing a Hanasei.

Clarity of design

When designing a Hanasei, we need at least one image with clear lines and colors, fullbody, and no clothes or add ons, to upload to the Masterlist. You are free to include extra drawings on it, such as backviews, headshots, clothed option, etc.

Markings and colors

Hanasei can be found with any colors and patterns. While more artificial patterns (such as drawings and solid shapes) wouldn't appear very often, Hanasei have access to tattooing and 'remarking' themselves, and can decorate themselves further from what their bodies can achieve.

You are free to experiment and go wild with the patterns and color combos you use! However, copying other's designs 1:1 is not allowed.

Aether Rules

Aether appears on the mouth, inside of the body, on the internal walls of the gills, and on the cheeks when flared up. For clarity sake, all designs need to show the Aether's color with a separated color drop, and on the drawing itself

This can be done in various ways:

  • Show at least one of the gills open, as the gill's walls share the aether color;
  • Show the open mouth;
  • Show the cheeks flared up.

You can choose between doing that on the main design image, or drawing a separated version just to show these changes.

2. Redesigning A Hanasei

If you wish to redesign a Hanasei you already own, this guide will show you the rules and what you are and aren't allowed to do.


Hanaseis can be redesigned once per month, and their new design cannot surpass 40% of area changed. You can change markings, colors and traits, either all at once or separatedly, but they still must follow the 40% percentage rule. 

Traits can be swapped around within the same tier or lower. Common, uncommon and rare traits can all be shifted around, as they all fall under a category (Public/free). Mutation I traits can be swapped with other Mutation I traits or lower, and so on. You cannot add or swap traits of higher rarities without a Mutation Trinket of that same rarity.

Usually, changing only one thing allows you to shift it a lot more while still going under 40%, while changing multiple area of the design allows for less changes in each area.


Example 1: A Hanasei with marking and colors shifted. Follows the redesign rules.


Example 2: A Hanasei with both marking, colors and traits changed, but that still follow the redesign rules. The markings had less changes than the first example, due to the change of traits.


Example 3: A Hanasei that has completly changed, and doesn't follow the 40% rule anymore.


3. Submitting your [Re]Design

Once you're done with your design, it is time to submit! This part of the guide will show were you submit your [re]design, and what you need to fill in!

Starting your draft

For MYO designs: When you head up to your MYO, the "Submit MYO Design" will be avaliable. Clicking it will lead you to create a draft to start submitting info for your design!



For redesigning Hanasei: When you go to your character, the "Update Design" will be avaliable. Clicking it will lead you to create a draft to start submitting info for your redesign!

Both pages for a new design and a redesign are the same, so this part will be the same whenether you're going from a MYO or from an already existing character.

Structure of your Draft

When you start your draft, you'll see these five pages that need to be completed:


Each page has a fuction. Their explanations are so:

  • Status: The current status of your Draft. Once you submit it, you can see here when your request is approved, rejected or cancelled.

  • Comments: You can write down any comments for the staff here! Please do not write down anything that you would put on the other tabs here, this is for any extra information. This part is optional, and if you don't want to write anything, you can just save the blank box.

  • Masterlist image: This is where you submit your design's image. After submitting your main image, you will need to either crop your artwork or submit a thumbnail. Always crop the upper body, making sure the head is as visible as possible.

    After that, you will see this area where you credit the designer and artist of the artwork:

    The way you credit the artists is so:

    If the artist/designer has a Koegama profile: Check their Deviant Art username (Alias), and write it down on the "Alias" box. Do not write any other URLs! Doing this will link their Koegama profile directly.
    If the artist/designer does not have a Koegama profile, but has a Deviant Art page: You can do the same process as the above.
    If the artist/designer does not have a Koegama profile, or a Deviant Art: Place an URL of their website (social media or portfolio) on the "URL" box, and place their artist name on the "Alias" box.

  • Add-ons: Items that get consumed once your design is approved and official. Currently used only for Mutation traits. If you wish to use a Mutation trait, you must add a Mutation trinket of the same level to the Add-ons.

  • Traits: Where you input all the traits of your Hanasei. The first three areas are Species (with the only option of Hanasei), Species Subtypes (if your MYO/original design does not specify a Subtype, your only allowed option is "no subtype"), and Character Rarity.
    (The Character Rarity traits are: Dormant, Aether Stage I, Aether Stage II and Aether Stage III. All MYO designs start as Dormant, unless stated otherwise, and new Aether stages currently cannot be reached for redesigns.)

    The rest of the traits must be added manually. When you click the "Add Trait" button, a new tab will appear. You can either type or search the trait you're using, and clicking on it adds it to your character. Make sure to add all traits you used on your design! Avoid using the "extra info" tab unless asked to.

Once you're done with everything, you can go back to the Status page and click submit request. If everything is correct, your submission will be approved and your design will appear on the Masterlist! If something is wrong, a staff member will cancel your request (which keeps all your progress intact) and write down a comment on what you'd need to fix.