Terms of Service


Terms of Service

Players (people who own or plan to own characters/designs originating from or based on Koegama species) agree to these terms by gaining ownership of a Koegama character design. The method of attainment (direct sale, resale, trade, gift, etc.) does not change whether or not a player must abide by these terms. 

A player’s rights to their Koegama design may be voided if they breach these terms. A breach of Terms of Service may also be cause for blacklisting. Blacklisted individuals may not, under any circumstances, attain new Koegama designs. Koegama reserves the right to blacklist individuals without warning (based on severity of breach). However, for minor infractions, a first warning will be given before further punishment. Koegama staff reserves the right to define the severity of breach on a case-by-case basis. Outside of a breach of these Terms of Service, Koegama will not repossess lawfully obtained designs for any reason.





1. Group Etiquette

Players agree…

  • To follow all site and discord server rules to the best of their ability and to listen to moderator decisions without argument.
  • To avoid using harmful language, iconography, and hate speech on the Koegama website, within the Koegama discord server, and in Koegama-related art or prose.
  • To be respectful of and kind towards other players. The Koegama staff will not tolerate drama-mongering or intentionally excluding/upsetting fellow players.
  • To avoid NSFW/18+ content in the Koegama discord server and on the Koegama site. NSFW content of players’ characters is not banned, but it will not be tolerated in connection to the official Koegama site and discord server and must be appropriately warned for and censored off-site. Failure to follow this rule results in an immediate ban.
  • Not to harass other members. Issues with other members should be addressed privately, either through direct discord message or private message on the Koegama site, and should not be handled within the discord server itself. Should a player have issues with another member that they feel they cannot work out privately, they should message a moderator privately.
  • Not to claim Koegama species’ lore or physiology as their own. When drawing or writing about Koegama species, credit for the species must be given to Koegama. Players found to be intentionally deceiving others in this way (or by creating rip-offs/etc) will be immediately blacklisted.
  • Not to steal, copy, or plagiarize from other players. Designs may look similar to one another without being blatant rip-offs of one another. Due to the subjectivity of this rule, infractions will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • To gain explicit permission from the artist to use their art as a character’s masterlist image and to give proper credit when used. Additionally, players will always properly credit the artist of any art that is not of their own creation. Players must specifically state when the art being shown is not their own.
  • To follow the sale, resale, and trade rules listed here.

2. Design Terms

  • Hanasei can be of any color and can have any patterns. Unnatural patterns can be explained with tattooing, a common practice in Koegama.
  • A design for a masterlist need to be fully naked to show clarity on the patterns and traits.
  • A design cannot 1:1 reference a copyright character or brand, but it can take inspiration from it. This should be checked on a case by case basis.
  • Aether can be any solid color, and this color also appears on organs and flared up cheeks. Bones can be either white or tinted with the Aether’s color. (E.G: A Hanasei with yellow aether may have white or yellow-ish bones.). Aether color must be shown on masterlist art as a swatch or a headshot.
  • Their heads are oval, and their body proportions should stay the same in any body type (long torso, arms as long as the torso, smaller legs etc).
  • Scars, blindness and lost limbs are allowed, but horns and tails cannot have more than 50% of complete limb loss. More than that needs to be replaced with prothestics.
  • Prothestics are made with bio-technology, often take a solid color that simulates the color of the old limb, and can mimic simple patterns with a paint job. Their body can’t be more than 40% prothestics.
  • Filling the masterlist: If the designer/artist has an account on Koegama, all you need to do is fill the Alias area with their dA alias. The same process can be done if you’re credting someone who doesn’t participate on Koegama but has a dA. If neither is true, enter the URL of the site their profile is in and add the Alias with their name.



3. Redesign Terms

  • A redesign can only change around 40% of the current design. It must still resemble the original design, can’t be a complete change.
  • Redesigns can only be done once per month.
  • Changing traits and patterns at the same time is allowed, but need to follow the rule above.
  • Mutations can only be swapped with the same tier. A tier I mutation can only be swapped with another tier I mutation, and so on.
  • If a Hanasei has a mutation, but the redesign removes it, it cannot be added again without a new Mutation Trinket. The user will not receive compensation for the removed mutation.


4. Transfer of Ownership Terms


  • Check the masterlist to see if the Hanasei can be traded/sold beforehand!
  • Hanasei cannot be traded/sold (or gifted) to Blacklisted individuals.
  • Vouchering isn’t allowed, until we can figure out a set of rules for it.
  • If trading outside Hanasei moderated groups (such as the discord), responsibility falls on the user. While we will void any Hanasei stolen, we cannot compensate you on a lost character.
  • Bought MYOs can be sold, traded, and gifted. Event MYOs can be traded or gifted. Gift MYOs cannot be sold or traded, but can be gifted.
  • Events which give away free MYO slots/Hanasei, such as raffles, may have locks on trade and sale, only allowing them to be gifted or only allowing gift and trade. Read the event’s rules to get more info.


  • There is no cooldown on selling.
  • You may sell your Hanasei (with selling allowed) for the same or lower value of the original sale price. 
  • You can only increase resale price by buying a design/redesign from our official designer list. The price of the commission is added to the resale price.


  • Once a Hanasei is traded, you forfeit all reselling rights.
  • Hanasei can be traded for any kinds of character/art, but cannot be traded for in real life non-art items.
  • After a trade is completed (meaning the masterlist has been updated), the Hanasei will be placed on a 1-week cooldown, before it can be traded again.


These terms were last edited July 10th, 2020.